Ni Una Mas

¡Ni Una Más! (Not One Woman More), tells the story of protestors and musicians Vivir Quintana and all-female band Las Brujas (The Witches). Armed with their instruments and voices they fight against the state of Mexico and the countless abductions and murders on women that take place every day. ¡Ni Una Más! depicts the gruesome true face of Mexico: a machismo state in which women are oppressed on every conceivable level. Partly due to the music of these strong women, a protest has unleashed that is growing day by day. Their music is the voice of the voice-less. They sing on behalf of all woman.


Length in minutes:                  70 – 90 mins

Category:                                 Feature length documentary

Countries of production:         The Netherlands

Shooting locations:                 Mexico

Spoken languages:                 Spanish

Format:                                    DCP

Colour:                                    Colour

Genre:                                     Social documentary / music film

Story type:                               Original

Film status:                             In post production